Anomalies of hypersound velocity and attenuation in ferroelectric tris-sarcosine calcium chloride (TSCC) for small-angle and right-angle Brillouinscattering and Brillouin backscattering

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The Brillouin spectra of ferroelectric tris-sarcosine calcium chloride have been observed using small-angle and right-angle scattering and also backscattering. For different-frequency phonons along the same direction, analogous anomalies in the sound velocity and the attenuation are seen. The smallest angle we have achieved is 7.48°. The temperature and frequency dependences of the sound velocity are discussed. The fact that the linewidth maximum for [001] phonons occurs somewhat below Tc seems to indicate that the anomalies are due to piezoelectric coupling induced by spontaneous polarization below Tc. For [010] phonons the elementary relaxation times which relate to the energy are estimated as τE0=5.25×10−13 sec above Tc and τE0=3.32×10−12 sec below Tc. The phonon attenuations are also estimated and compared with the observed ones. For the [001] phonons the elementary relaxation time is estimated as τ0=5.25×10−14 sec, in good agreement with the value obtained from right-angle Brillouin scattering.



Optics, Electromagnetics, Physics, Low temperature physics


J.T. Wang and V.H. Schmidt, “Anomalies of hypersound velocity and attenuation in ferroelectric trissarcosine calcium chloride (TSCC) for small-angle and right-angle Brillouin scattering and Brillouin backscattering,� Phys. Rev. B 34, 416-422 (1986)
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