Anisotropy in Anomalies of Hypersound Velocity and Attenuation in Ferroelectric TSCC


From Brillouin shift and linewidth of longitudinal phonons propagating along the [100] and [001] directions of TSCC, the polarization relaxation time was calculated to be τ=3.1×10-12/(Tc-T) sec below the transition temperature Tc. The anomalies in the longitudinal phonons of the [010] propagation were carefully examined using an annealed crystal of excellent quality. No essential difference was observed between the velocities of a normal and high quality crystals. The relaxation time was deduced as a function of temperature from the observed anomalies in the velocity and linewidth. Spectra are observed for nearly forward scattering from the q\varparallel[010] phonons.



Condensed matter physics, Electromagnetics, Materials science


T. Hikita, J.T. Wang, P.T. Schnackenberg, and V.H. Schmidt, “Anisotropy in anomalies of hypersound velocity and attenuation in ferroelectric TSCC,” Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. 24, Suppl. 24-2, 494-496 (1985)
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