Analytic Gravitational Waveforms for Generic Precessing Binary Inspirals

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Binary systems of two compact objects circularize and spiral toward each other via the emission of gravitational waves. The coupling of the spins of each object with the orbital angular momentum causes the orbital plane to precess, which leads to modulation of the gravitational wave signal. Until now, generating frequency-domain waveforms for fully precessing systems for use in gravitational wave data analysis meant numerically integrating the equations of motion, then Fourier transforming the result, which is very computationally intensive for systems that complete hundreds or thousands of cycles in the sensitive band of a detector. Previously, analytic solutions were only available for certain special cases or for simplified models. Here we describe the construction of closed-form, frequency-domain waveforms for fully-precessing, quasi-circular binary inspirals.




Chatziioannou, Katerina, Antoine Klein, Neil Cornish, and Nicolas Yunes. "Analytic Gravitational Waveforms for Generic Precessing Binary Inspirals." Physical Review Letters 118, no. 5 (February 2017).
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