A list of bees from three locations in the Northern Rockies Ecoregion (NRE) of Montana

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Background Wild bees that were collected in conjunction with a larger study are presented as a checklist of species for the Northern Rockies Ecoregion of Montana, USA. Over the course of four field seasons (2013-2016), 281 species and morphospecies in 32 genera and five families were collected using insect nets, and identified. This paper addresses the distinct lack of studies monitoring bee species in Montana and contributes to a basic understanding of fauna in the northern Rocky Mountains. New information With this study, the number of known bee species in Montana increases by at least six species, from 366 (Kuhlman and Burrows 2017) to 372. Though literature was not reviewed for all the species on this checklist, published records in Montana revealed no listings for Andrena saccata Viereck; Anthidiellum notatum robertsoni (Cockerell); Ashmeadiella meliloti (Cockerell); Ashmeadiella pronitens (Cockerell); Colletes lutzi lutzi Timberlake; and Dioxys productus (Cresson).




Reese, Elizabeth, Laura Burkle, Casey Delphia, and Terry Griswold. “A List of Bees from Three Locations in the Northern Rockies Ecoregion (NRE) of Western Montana.” Biodiversity Data Journal 6 (October 30, 2018). doi:10.3897/bdj.6.e27161.
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