Deuteration and pressure effects on landau free energy expansion coefficents in RbDXH2-xPO4


Results are presented for undeuterated, 30% deuterated and 97% deuterated monocrystals of rubidium dihydrogen phosphate (RDP) for which the polarization was measured at various applied fields and accurately controlled temperatures within a degree above the ferroelectric transition temperature. The ferroelectric transition was found to be of second order at all deuterations. Some of these results were presented earlier.1–3



Electromagnetics, Physics, Chemistry


"P.T. Schnackenberg, J. Pipman, V.H. Schmidt, and G.F. Tuthill, “Deuteration and pressure effects on Landau free energy expansion coefficients in RbxH2-xPO4,� Ferroelectrics 39, 1045-1048 (1981)
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