Semiclassical theory of proton transport in ice

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A method is described for calculating proton or other ion mobility which is applicable if mobility is limited by lattice scattering rather than by barrier jumping. The Boltzmann transport equation is used, with the collision term calculated from the electrostatic interactions between the mobile ion and the vibrating lattice. In particular the proton mobility in ice is calculated. The lattice vibrations are approximated by a Debye spectrum for translational vibrations of water molecules, plus an Einstein spectrum for modes in which protons vibrate almost as independent particles. Scattering by phonons somewhat below the Debye cutoff frequency is of the greatest importance in determining the mobility, and the proton modes have negligible effect. The calculated mobility agrees reasonably well with the experimental value.



Applied mathematics, Quantum physics


Kim, Dong-Yun, and V. Hugo Schmidt. “Semiclassical theory of proton transport in ice� Canadian Journal of Physics 45, no. 4 (April 1967): 1507–1516. doi:10.1139/p67-115.
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